Five-Fingered Dragons

(2nd draft)

Dear Reader,


Thank you for your interest to beta-read my novel!

Just knowing now I have a test audience drives my desire to finish this story, and to the very best of my ability. While I plan to be off-grid for days/weeks at a time throughout this year, my goal remains to meet my quota of rewriting one chapter per week. This novel has ~50 chapters between 5 and 20 pages each. The sheer amount of time and effort I know this will take me is terrifying, but I hope the process will get a little easier as the weeks progress. 

That said, your constructive feedback will be most valuable in helping me polish this decade-long project, and I thank you in advance. While I do not plan to read any of your feedback until I have completed this draft in full, if you have any urgent questions you would like me to answer, put "QUESTION" in the Subject box of the feedback form at the bottom of the chapter, and I will respond as soon as I am back on-grid.

This is my debut mythopoeic-fantasy. I hope you enjoy the journey~


~ * ~

Five-Fingered Dragons


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