About the Artist/Author

Sarah Mari North is a writer, photographer, artist, treehugger, & animal lover who enjoys wandering nature with her fur children and creating vast fantasy worlds which currently consist of thirteen novels. In her copious spare time, she sleeps in trees, climbs rocks, and binge-watches Wuxia.

The Wander Weasels

Siblings Oda & Deagol  (light) were Christmas rejects who found their Forever wandering the coasts and mountains with their human Mom. When still a young kit, Pantalimon (dark) was rescued from an awful situation that left her dangling by a thread for her life. At the time, Deagol was also weakly, battling glaucoma. Within days of meeting, the two ferrets nursed each other back to health, and neither have known illness since. Their mission?

To dook where no ferrets have dooked before. . .

My Dæmon, Shida

Shida is a 10-year-young Siberian Husky alumni of NMDog Rescue. She rescued her Forever human when she was 3, then gobbled up an entire pizza from the kitchen counter, jumped the 8' backyard wall, and raced towards the foothills! (She only wanted to introduce her Mom to the lifestyle of the road warrior, you see.) Well, it worked! Now a professional squirrel detector, Shida lives out of a Subaru Forrester with her Mom and three adopted ferret siblings, returning to the grid only when she is out of rawhides or wants to leave her mark at the local dog park.